In this Lesson, students will learn how to use the WordPress Customizer to edit their website’s design. The Customizer is a potent tool that enables users to preview and make changes to many design elements of their theme in real-time.

The following are some specific topics that may be discussed in this Lesson:

  • An overview of the WordPress Customizer and its features and settings.
  • How to access and use the Customizer to edit the design of a WordPress website
  • Customization options avilable in the Customizer, including choices for changing colours, fonts, and layout
  • Tips for efficiently utilising the Customizer to customize the appearance of a WordPress website
  • How to diagnose and fix problems with the Customizer

By the end of this Lesson, students will have a thorough understanding of how to utilise the WordPress Customizer to modify their website’s appearance and will be able to use it successfully to personalise their site’s layout.