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Module 1 :Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Module 2: Planning Domain Structure & Website Development

Module 3: Introduction to SEO

Module 4: Web Analytics with a focus on GA4

Module 5: Content Creation and Blogging Strategies

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

Module 7: Facebook Ads (Meta Ads)

Module 8: Performance Marketing (Google Ads)

Module 9: Performance Marketing (Other Platforms)

Module 10: Influencer Marketing

Module 11: Email Marketing & WhatsApp Marketing

Module 12: Marketing Automation

Module 13: Resume Building + LinkedIn Optimization & Interview Prep

Module 14: Internship

In the “Working with Tags and Categories” Lesson, students will learn how to use tags and categories to organise content.

Some of the potential topics covered in this Lesson are:

  • An overview of tags and categories in WordPress and how they are used
  • How to create and assign tags and categories to content
  • The difference between tags and categories and when to use them
  • Tips for successfully organising content using tags and categories
  • How to create custom taxonomies with tags and categories

Learners will have a thorough understanding of how to utilise tags and categories to arrange information on their WordPress website and will be able to properly manage and maintain the site’s content by the end of this lesson.