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Module 1 :Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Module 2: Planning Domain Structure & Website Development

Module 3: Introduction to SEO

Module 4: Web Analytics with a focus on GA4

Module 5: Content Creation and Blogging Strategies

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

Module 7: Facebook Ads (Meta Ads)

Module 8: Performance Marketing (Google Ads)

Module 9: Performance Marketing (Other Platforms)

Module 10: Influencer Marketing

Module 11: Email Marketing & WhatsApp Marketing

Module 12: Marketing Automation

Module 13: Resume Building + LinkedIn Optimization & Interview Prep

Module 14: Internship

In this lesson we will teach you the significance of maintaining and updating your WordPress website on a regular basis. This involves upgrading the WordPress core software, installing updates for themes and plugins, and doing basic maintenance chores such as website backups and database optimization.

You will also learn how to handle any issues that may happen throughout the updating process. You will discover many types of accessible updates for themes and plugins, as well as how to determine which ones are required for your website.

You will learn about normal maintenance chores such as website backup and database optimization, and how these tasks may help protect the security and stability of your website. You will also learn how to troubleshoot typical WordPress issues, including how to detect and handle themes and plugins-related issues.

By finishing this lesson, you will understand the significance of doing regular updates and maintenance on your WordPress website, as well as the knowledge and skills to do this efficiently and without any error.