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1. Introduction to SEO

2. Advanced Keyword Research

3. Technical SEO strategy

4. On-Page SEO Techniques

5. Off-Page SEO Techniques

6. Local SEO Techniques

7. International SEO

8. SEO for E-Commerce

9. Advanced SEO Strategies

10. Tracking and Measuring SEO Success

11. SEO Best Practices and Avoiding Penalties

In this lesson will concentrate on developing and optimising content for various languages and areas. You will discover the best techniques and tactics for creating high-quality, localised content that is search engine optimised. In this lesson will go through different methods for researching and selecting important keywords, as well as developing and managing multilingual material, such as using translation software and collaborating with expert translators. You’ll also discover why it’s important to localise your content for different locations, as well as cultural factors and how to optimise for local search engines. You will also learn about tools and techniques for tracking and assessing the performance of your multilingual and multi-regional content, as well as how to use analytics to discover areas for development. By the end of this session, you will have a firm grasp on how to create and optimise content for various languages and regions, as well as boost your search engine presence and reach.