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1. Introduction to SEO

2. Advanced Keyword Research

3. Technical SEO strategy

4. On-Page SEO Techniques

5. Off-Page SEO Techniques

6. Local SEO Techniques

7. International SEO

8. SEO for E-Commerce

9. Advanced SEO Strategies

10. Tracking and Measuring SEO Success

11. SEO Best Practices and Avoiding Penalties

In this session, we’ll go over how to handle search engine optimization (SEO) throughout a website redesign. We will discuss the significance of retaining existing SEO work and avoiding typical blunders like changing URL architecture or eliminating critical information. We will go over how to use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to evaluate website performance and discover areas for improvement. Furthermore, we will discuss recommended practices for preserving website functionality and user experience during the redesign process. We will also go over how to handle redirection and other technical issues that may arise as a result of the redesign process.

This class will also address how to plan and implement SEO-improving changes to website structure, content, and metadata, as well as how to assess the website’s performance before and after the redesign. The session will also go through how to manage the migration process and convey the redesign process to your intended audience. The class will provide you a thorough grasp of how to handle SEO efficiently during a website makeover and how to minimise the impact on search engine rankings.